State Department for Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Dr. Korir Singoei addressing Senior Staff Retreat on validating strategic plan draft.

The Senior Staff of the State Department for Foreign Affairs have validated the Department’s Strategic Plan for 2023/24-2026/2027. The Plan identifies the Foreign Policy Strategic Objectives in line with Kenya’s national interests. The draft text further aligns the priorities of the Department with the Fourth Medium Term Plan (MTP-IV) 2023-2027.

In his statement during the opening session of the review of the draft, Dr. Korir Singoei, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Foreign Affairs underscored the commitment of the Department to ensure that the deliverables over the MTP-IV period and specifically to advance the Bottom-Up Transformation Agenda (BETA).

PS Singoei emphasized the need for clarity of performance targets as defined in the strategic priorities to ensure effective implementation.

The validation process was guided by specific performance management tools to deliver the mandate, functions and the broader Vision of the Department which is a ‘Peaceful, Progressive and Competitive Kenya.’

Building upon the successes of its predecessor strategic plan covering the years 2018-2023, the new Plan embodies continuity and innovation in fulfilling the department’s mandate.
Anchored on the national development blue print Kenya Vision 2030, the draft Plan provides a solid framework and advancing Kenya’s Foreign Policy agenda.

Speaking during the closing of the validation exercise, Amb. Moi Lemoshira DG Political and Diplomatic Affairs noted that the opportunity to collectively review the draft has ensured “shared understanding of the key issues and ownership of the Plan, which are essential to promote collective action in the implementation phase.”

Following the internal validation, the draft Plan will be submitted to evaluation by Stakeholders before finalization and publication.