Invest in Kenya:

Kenya is among the most advanced economies in East and Central Africa. It is the land of unlimited possibilities and its strong growth prospects are supported by an emerging middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value good and services.  Kenya offers a low – risk environment which is characterized by political stability, low risk of fraud, security and low competition, among other factors.

Kenya has one of the highest rate of internet access in the continent, with 72% (approximately 32 Million) of its population having internet access making it ideal for investment on internet driven and knowledge economy.

Kenya is signatory to a number of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements as part of its trade policy. Kenya is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). In addition, Kenya is member to several trade arrangements and beneficiary to trade-enhancing schemes that include the Africa Growth and opportunity Act (AGOA); ACP-EU Trade Agreement and Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

Sectors to invest in Kenya include; Energy, Financial Services, information, Communication, Technology, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Construction and Tourism.

For more information, visit Ministry of Industrialization, Trade & Enterprise Development, and Kenya Investment Authority

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