1. Loss of Passport
2. Arrest/Detention
3. Death
4. Victim of Crime
5. Emergency/Crisis situation
6. General Consular Assistance.

1. Loss of Passport
What should I do if lose my passport overseas?
If you have lost your passport overseas, we advise to do the following:
1. Lodge a police report with the local police immediately, and contact the nearest KenyaMission.

2. Proceed to the Kenya Embassy/Mission with the police report and the requisite documentary proof of your identity and citizenship.

2. Arrest or Detention
How can you help me if I am arrested overseas?

• We will defend your right to be treated humanely and fairly, and ensure that you are not denied any legal assistance which you may be entitled to.
• We will ensure you are not denied access to a consular officer.
• We will pass on information on the progress of your case to your family.
• We will assist in arranging prison visits by your family to see you.
• We will assist you in gathering information on the host country’s judicial and prison system.
• We will provide a list of lawyers to you and your family.
• We will ensure that you are not denied access to required medical care.
• We will assist in transferring funds for your legal fees.
• We will facilitate your return to Kenya upon your release.

What are you unable to do for me if I am arrested abroad?

• We cannot post bail or pay fines for you.
• We cannot disregard the host country’s laws to ensure your release.
• We cannot intervene in your legal case.

3. Death
What should I do if a family member or friend dies overseas?

Please contact the nearest Kenya Mission Abroad or the MFA hotline at 254 xxxxxxxxx.

MFA can help you with the following:

• Notify the deceased’s next-of-kin.
• Provide the deceased’s family with a list of local undertakers if required.
• Advise on the cost of burial or cremation in the foreign country, or repatriation of the remains to Kenya.
• Assist in transferring funds to pay for burial or cremation expenses. (Only in locations where Kenya Embassies are present.)
• Facilitate the repatriation of the remains and personal belongings of the deceased.

What MFA cannot do if a Kenyan die abroad?

• We cannot investigate the cause of death or a possible murder.
• We cannot make an insurance claim on the family’s behalf.
• We cannot pay any burial or cremation expenses, nor outstanding debts of the deceased.
• We cannot pay for the repatriation costs of the deceased’s remains to Kenya.

4. Victim of Crime
What should I do if I am cheated in a foreign country?

Please lodge a police report with the local police and engage a lawyer for your case.

You may approach the nearest Kenya Mission abroad for necessary advise and to provide you with a list of local lawyers for your reference.

Please note that the list is not exhaustive and MFA cannot vouch for the competence or probity of the services provided by the firms on the list.

We seek your understanding that MFA is not in any position to provide you with any legal advice or intervene in the local judicial process.

We are also unable to act as an intermediary in disputes which are civil or commercial in nature.

5. Emergency/Crisis Situation
What should I do if I were to get caught in a major crisis overseas?

As with all travels, we advise you to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions for your personal safety during your travel, including monitoring the local news and heeding the instructions of the local authorities.

Should you need urgent assistance while travelling, please contact the nearest Kenya Mission or the MFA Duty Office at +254XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Do stay in touch with your family and friends in Kenya so that they know you are safe.

6. General Consular Assistance
What can MFA do for me?
• We can provide you with information, advice and consular assistance.
• We can issue emergency travel documents if you have lost your passport overseas.
• We can request financial assistance on your behalf from your friends or relatives.
• We can notify your friends or relatives if you have been injured or arrested abroad.
• We can provide a list of officially registered lawyers or translators if required.
• We can assist in arranging the repatriation of the remains and personal belongings of the deceased.
• We can assist in the event of natural disasters, civil disorder, or terrorist attacks in the foreign country.
What MFA can not do ?
• We cannot pay for your medical, legal, accommodation, or travel expenses.
• We cannot provide you with loans or cash.
• We cannot intervene in a foreign judicial system if you have been detained, post bail, or pay fines.
• We cannot intervene in civil or commercial disputes.
• We cannot provide legal advice or initiate court proceedings for you.
• We cannot act as your guarantor or sponsor.
• We cannot find accommodation or employment for you.
• We cannot provide translation, mail-forwarding, telephone, or other personal services.