Who we are


The Kenyan Diaspora consists of people of Kenya origin and non-resident Kenyans residing outside the country. The newly created State Department for Diaspora Affairs was formed in 2022 as a directive from H.E the President Dr. William Ruto to address issues that concern Kenya’s Diaspora community who form an integral part of the Kenyan economy and social fabric. The Government of Kenya therefore intends to engage the Kenyan Diaspora in a more constructive and productive manner to unlock and unleash their full potential.


  1. Promotion of continuous dialogue with Kenyans abroad.
  2. Champion the Protection of Kenya’s Diaspora rights and welfare.
  3. Support Kenyans in the Diaspora in harnessing more opportunities for employment and enterprise development.
  4. Develop Incentive framework for Diaspora Remittances.
  5. Harness Diaspora savings, facilitate FDI and Technology transfers; and
  6. Mainstreaming the Kenyan Diaspora into the national development process.