CS Dr. Alfred Mutua accompanied by Ministry senior staff appear before the National Assembly Depart Committee on Defence, Intelligence and Foreign Relations on April 13, 2023

On April 13, 2023, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Alfred Mutua appeared before the National Assembly Department Committee on Defence, Intelligence and Foreign Relations in efforts to fostering an understanding on the role of the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs in Kenya’s Foreign Policy dispensation.

The Cabinet Secretary apprised that the conduct of Kenya’s Foreign Policy was guided and directed by H.E. President William Ruto, and was also in conformity with international best practices that were aimed at securing the country’s Peace and Security Architecture, as well as at enhancing the wellbeing and economic prosperity of Kenyans.

The CS noted that consistent with H.E. President William Ruto’s advocacy of efficiency in the conduct of government business, the affairs of the ministry had been adjusted in order to reduce and cut out bureaucracies and also to be fit for purpose in pursuit of Kenya’s development agenda.

He welcomed the constructive engagement by the Committee, noting the centrality of the National Assembly in pursuit and advancing Kenya’s strategic interests abroad.