Mr. Abdishakir Sheikh Mohamed Hussein, Director Middle East Directorate with officers from different MDAs who attended the inaugural Inter-Ministerial Meeting of the 7th Session of the Kenya -Iran JCC

On May 31, 2024, Mr. Abdishakur Sheikh Hussein, Director of the Middle East Directorate, presided over the inaugural Inter-Ministerial Meeting in Anticipation of the 7th Session of the Kenya-Iran Joint Commission for Cooperation (JCC), slated to occur from 18th – 20th June, 2024 in Nairobi.

In his Opening Address, Mr. Abdishakur emphasized the pivotal role of JCCs – as collaborative frameworks in enhancing relations between nations.

The gathering deliberated on potential areas of collaboration between Kenya and Iran across a wide spectrum of sectors including Healthcare, Maritime, Technology, Agriculture, Energy Trade and Investment, as well as various Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) between Kenya and Iran to bolster the Bottom Up Economic Agenda (BETA).

In this context, Director Abdishakur encouraged the representatives of the various Government Ministries/Departments/Agencies in attendance to adopt a comprehensive strategic approach to their respective cooperation proposals in order to establish key outcomes that could be readily harmonized with the Government’s foremost priorities.

The forthcoming JCC is in accordance with President H.E Dr. William Ruto’s outlined vision on 10th July 2023 concerning Kenya and Iran Relations, wherein He articulated that Kenya and Iran will devise a framework that will facilitate increased exports of tea, coffee, and meat.

As a result of regular engagements, Kenya and Iran have ratified over 22 MoUs and agreements. These accords have been instrumental in fostering cooperation in development, education, scholarships, infrastructure, health, water, fisheries, and agriculture.

The 6th Session of the JCC was hosted by Iran in 2014.