• Ensure you are recruited through a duly registered Recruiting Agent by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection through the National Employment Authority (NEA).
  • Ask for proof of registration and request to be shown the valid Original Registration Certificate issued by the National Employment Authority (NEA).
  • Do not deal with sub-agents and brokers as they are not allowed to opereate by Kenya’s labour laws.
  • Study the Employment Contract carefully and ensure you understand the terms and conditions of Services.
  • Ensure you undergo a mandatory pre- departure training at the duly accredited training institutions
  • Do not pay any fees to the recruitment agent before counterchecking with the National Employment Authority.
  • All Complaints about labour contract should be directed to the Director General, National Employment Authority (NEA) and the Principal Secretary, State Department of Labour.


Check before departure

  • Ensure you have a valid Passport with remaining validity of 06 months. A valid Visa must be either stamped on or accompany your Passport. Also ensure invariably that your VISA is for the same category for which you have been recruited. Always keep a photocopy of your Passport and Visa.
  • You must possess a copy of the Employment Contract signed by you and your foreign employer duly attested by the State Department of Labour.
  • Insist on a copy of Employment Contract in English, duly authenticated by the recruiting agent and Ministry of Labour. Have someone you trust read it carefully and explain the terms to you.
  • Acquaint yourself with local labor laws, working and living conditions of the country of employment.
  • Keep with you complete address, phone, email of the Kenyan Embassy of the country which you are visiting.


In the country of your employment

  • Do not part with your Passport and copy of Employment Contract signed by you in Kenya, at any cost. (Keep extra copies of these in a safe place with your family for future reference)
  • Ensure your Employer processes a Resident/work Permit in your country of Do not sign any other Employment Contract or any blank paper.
  • Do not strike work or resort to agitations. These may be illegal under local labour laws. You could be arrested, imprisoned and also deported.
  • Do not carry with you any edible items or any other item given to you by someone you do not know. These may land you in jail, if any banned substance are found in such items.
  • Do not carry any medicines without the accompanying prescriptions from a Doctor. (Some medicines allowed in Kenya may not be allowed in other countries)
  • Keep in touch with the nearest Kenyan Embassy and report any complaints about non-payment or delayed payment of wages or compensations or any other problem to the Kenyan Embassy.
  • Register yourself with the nearest Kenyan Embassy, to be able to get the best possible assistance.


Customs formalities

  • Personal baggage: Please cooperate with the Customs staff at the International Airports during your journey.
  • Ensure that you do not carry any narcotics or alcoholic drinks. Alcohol may be strictly prohibited in some countries and its consumption may be a serious offence attracting severe punishment. Please update yourself on local regulations in this regard.
  • Do not accept any unchecked parcel from any one as it may contain alcohol, narcotics or some other banned items that may land you in serious legal difficulties on arrival in the country of employment.



Be sensitive to local religious practices and customs



  • You must make and keep a photocopy of all the pages of your Passport. Do not lose your Passport or its photocopy.
  • By chance if you misplace your Passport, inform the nearest Kenyan Mission abroad immediately and give them the relevant details, i.e. Passport number, date and place of issue, your name and date of your entry in the country of employment. (You will be able to give these details only if you keep a photocopy of your Passport in a safe place).
  • Leave a copy of your passport, visa and all other documents with one of your relatives.
  • Do not lose your copy of Employment Contract. Make photocopies and keep them with you always. Leave extra copies with your friends/relatives.
  • Do not accept temporary or permanent employment with another person or establishment other than that with the sponsoring Company/ establishment/ person. Employment with persons other than your original sponsor is strictly prohibited and attracts severe penalties/punishment.
  • Also ensure that your Passport is valid at all times and renew it at the nearest Kenya Embassy before it expires.
  • If , the terms of your contract are altered/changed to your detriment, please file a complaint against your recruiting agent at the nearest Kenya Mission or to the Ministry of Labour.